Mediation and Arbitration

Cameron & Associates provides advice on matters which are scheduled for arbitration and mediation to assist our Clients to achieve optimum results from these procedures.

We assist our clients to:

  • Identify which disputes are appropriate for arbitration or mediation
  • Focus on the most important issues to be decided
  • Quantify the amount of their claim
  • Prepare their documents
  • Select an Umpire or act as the Umpire if agreed to by the disputing parties

We also specialize in Accident Benefits Mediations for Insurers and for Clients who self-insure their automobile liabilities.

Jim Cameron is also a member of the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society.  Our blog has more information on this and on our  Mediation Assistance Program for Insurers.

We also provide a one-day workshop on Mediation skills and techniques.  This workshop is customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Please contact us to discuss any assistance we can provide.