Risk Management

Cameron & Associates Risk Management Services provide you with the additional resources you need to get the job done.

One of the principles of Risk Management is not that all risk can be avoided, but that with forethought, appropriate identification of risk triggers and good planning, risk can be reduced to a degree which is acceptable. Today’s Risk Managers are required to exercise an increased level of due diligence in their risk assessment and risk control efforts, all the while facing the challenge of time and resource constraints.

The following are services that we have recently provided to our Clients and we would be pleased to discuss these with your company. If you don’t see a service that you want, you should still call us to discuss your requirements. With our knowledge of the insurance industry and our network of strategic alliances, we will be able to assist you.

  • Insurance or Broker Services Request for Proposal
  • Risk Identification and Assessment
  • Review for Adequacy or Gaps in Coverage
  • Service Contract Provisions Review
  • Claims Process & Management Reviews
  • Review of Vendor Services
  • Designing Claims Procedures & Manuals
  • Preparing Claims Manuals
  • Disputed Claims Analysis & Abritration
  • Adequacy of Risk Retention Levels
  • Reserves at the Company and the Insurer
  • Captives or other Alternative Risk Solutions
  • Certificate Management for Lenders
  • Corporate Governance
  • Acquisition and Divesture Due Diligence
  • Archival Policy Search
Please contact us to discuss any assistance we can provide.